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How would I know which programs are right for my team?

Many clients have come to us, unsure of which programs / activities will best serve their needs. Don't worry! We can help. We will work closely with you to understand your objectives as well as the existing team dynamics. Based on the findings, we will then create customized recommendations for you to consider.
What is the duration of the programs?
Our programs of Viet Green TeamBuilding range in length from one hour conference engagements to half a day team building interventions to multi-day programs (and everything in between!)
What sort of group sizes can you work with?
We've delivered programs for groups ranging in size from 20 - 5000 participants so far, and we are able to customize according to your needs!
Can your team building programs be conducted indoors within the office?
Some of our programs are designed specifically to be conducted indoors. Many others may be conducted either indoors or outdoors. If you have questions about programs for a specific location, please contact us. We'll be happy to talk with you about appropriate options.
Can you help us with the hotel bookings?
We, Viet Green TeamBuilding can help advise you on the hotel venues that would be appropriate. However, you would have no advantage booking the hotels through us. We advise that you book the hotel venues directly at your end itself
What are the additional expenses I need to budget for?
Additional expenses come under different heads namely: travel & stay costs for our team, material expenses for certain activities, cost of stay and food for participants, venue rentals, cost of audio-video equipment that includes projector, screen, sound system
How much lead time do you need for planning a program?
Ideally, we prefer at least a month of lead time to plan for a program. Often, however, we have been contacted with a much shorter lead time. We have delivered programs with as little as a 1-week advanced notice! However, our ability to plan within a short time frame will depend on our existing schedule.
Are your prices negotiable?
Each of our workshops is customized to your specific needs and agenda. Hence, while the above prices are indicative, we'll be happy to quote you a price once we understand your goals and objectives. Give us a call, or fill out our enquiry form for a more precise budget.
Do you run workshops outside of VietNam?
Oh yes – we do. Other than India, we have run workshops in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, United States of America, Canada, Korea, Japan, Dubai
Have more questions?
Please call us at +84989313339 or email to – we love to hear from you!
We are always happy to help you !
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