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The Cook-Off Challenge

Build your team the Gourmet Way!!


The Cook-Off Challenge tests the teams' ability to become "Chefs for A Day". To hold the title of a chef is no simple task. It goes beyond the ability to cook well. The fun and excitement of the program is no doubt the biggest draw. This fun, participative event lasts for around 4 hours and can be conducted for any team of 10 people and upwards.


Cooking Challenge

Cooking Challenge Test

Using the Theory of Constructionism, we abstract the simple lessons from cooking a meal and relate the learning points back to the dynamics of a high performance team in the corporate arena. Coupled with dynamic facilitation, this experience will inspire, motivate and challenge every single member in the team to think and behave differently back in their workplace.

But, what is Constructionsim ?

The essence of constructionism is - learning by making something that you can identify with, be proud of and think, "This is my work." What you learn in the process of making things that you care about, sinks much deeper, its roots go deeper into the subsoil of the brain than just from listening to what anyone can tell you.

Where can the Cook-Off Challenge be held?

The Cook-Off Challenge can be held in a hotel function room, in the great outdoors or within your office premises. The mobility of our program allows us to move anywhere with you. Depending on your objectives, we would suggest the appropriate setting to enhance the team bonding experience.

What is it like being a Chef ?

• With a constant demand from customers to create new and tantalizing dishes, the chef's job is as challenging as it is interesting!!
• In The Cook-Off Challenge, we tap on the interesting characteristics of a chef to bring across the importance of adopting the mindsets and skill sets of a high performance individual/team.
• Chefs value training and they are always learning.
• Chefs require creative cooking skills in selecting, preparing and presenting food.
• Chefs need people & managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, conflict resolution skills and financial skills.
• Chefs have to be fast and efficient, and be able to multi-task.
• Chefs are highly committed towards their work. They need to spend long hours in the kitchen, always making sure the dishes they cook are of high quality and good hygiene standards.
• The styles and specialty of each chef is different. They need to find their strength and interest in order to come up with their gourmet cooking.

FocusU highly recommends this great innovative programme for your next team building event!


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