• Participants discover a mysterious connected suitcase. FocusU in collaboration with our French partners Urban Gaming, brings to India a technology based challenge like nothing you have ever experienced before!
  • Stories have a way of making the complex clear. When narrated as a story interspersed with anecdotes, metaphors and analogy – lifeless data springs to life and teams are moved to action. The stickiness of stories and their potency in getting a message across can be fathomed by the fact that though few would have read the voluminous Ramayana, the message it delivers that “Good always overcomes evil” is crystal clear in the minds of most Indians!
  • If you think Clay is just a child's play, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it can actually help in your organisation's success. See your team transform to being children again in this all-weather teambuilding activity, where participants make colourful clay pieces which serve as metaphors to describe themselves, their organisation and their relationship with their colleagues.
  • Chariots have a special place in Indian mythology. Ravana had one – the Pushpak Vimana, Lord Indra had one, the sun god used to ride one – and so did several other Hindu deities. Krishna of course was the most famous charioteer of all times – having delivered the sermon of Bhagavad Gita in that role. In nearer times, Hollywood movies like Ben-Hur and Gladiator have captured our collective imagination with chariots!

The Comic Book Challenge - Viet green Teambuilding

Was it Mandrake with his best friend Lothar? Was it the Phantom with his bandar tribe and beautiful wife Diana? Was it Flash Gordon? Was it Garth? Or if you are of a more recent generation – perhaps Superman, Batman,…

The Chain Reaction Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. Initially, it was used with weather prediction but later the term became a metaphor used in and out of science.

The Velocipede Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

One of the fondest childhood memories for many of us is probably the day we received our very first bicycle, wrapped with a big bow around the handlebars. Many of us still recall very fondly the many hours spent outside,…

The Happy Feet Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

In their May 2016 edition, Scientific American published an intriguing article entitled Why dancing leads to Bonding.

The Super Car Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

Inspired by the speeds, thrills and amazing teamwork of the crews in F1 Racing - FocusU brings a whole new challenge for your team - The Super Car Challenge!

The War Machine Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

A trebuchet is a siege engine that was employed in the Middle Ages either to smash masonry walls or to throw projectiles over them. It could fling up to three-hundred and fifty pound (140kg) projectiles at high speeds into enemy…

The Wheels Of Hope Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

Especially in the daily busy-ness of our corporate lives, where we often don’t find time to look up from our desks and computer screens – it sometimes seems a far stretch when we stop to ponder the above question. And…

Emergenetics for teams - Viet Green Teambuilding

Emergenetics is the merging of two ideas – our behaviour emerging from our life experiences and our genetic traits. It provides a clear way to understand this intersection of nature and nurture through the Emergenetics Profile, built on four Thinking…

The Wine Tasting Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

Wine for long has been considered the drink of the gods. Unfortunately, there is a lot of mystique and confusion about the drink - most of which is to do with limited awareness.

The Celluloid Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

Anyone who has ever watched a movie after the final scene ends, and the credits start rolling - would appreciate that it takes a tremendous amount of team work, communication, co-ordination, creativity, leadership and time management to create a movie.

Mobile Learning Activities - Viet Green Teambuilding

Mobile Learning Activities (MLAs) are mobile activities that can be setup anytime anywhere for your team. Don’t have time for an offsite, but want to do some engaging activities in your conference room or within your campus?... MAPs are the…

The Future Snapshots Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

In 2004, Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski made the documentary Born into Brothels, which is a portrait of several children living in the most inhumane conditions in the red light district of Kolkata. Briski gave each child a camera and…

The Viral Video Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

If these are questions that have tickled your imagination - kept you awake at night - and bothered you no end, here is your opportunity to give it a whack.... Take a shot at making your own viral video!

The Stagecraft Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

Anyone who has ever been a part of putting together a play, would forever remember the buzz of the auditorium, the hustle-bustle behind the curtains, the pressure in the rehearsals, the last minute butterflies and panic.... until of course, the…

The willy wonka challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

Inspired by the children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl – FocusU invites you to take a delicious team building challenge by none other than Willy Wonka that helps build great camaraderie and fun between participants in…

MBTI for Teams - Viet Green Teambuilding

One of the most widely used personality instruments in the world, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is used in the workplace, so that participants gain self awareness of their working behavior, drawing out their potential and improving relationships.

The team CSI challenge - Viet Green Team Building

It’s a full-blown CRISIS at CSI Headquarters! ACP Paddy’s rich experience, SI Ajeet’s sharp insights and even Dr.Salon Kay’s brilliant forensic analysis have all come to naught! Which is where, you & your elite detective team comes in!

The craft factory challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

FocusU is one of the leading proponents of the LSP methodology in the Asia Pacific region – having perhaps the most number of Certified LSP Facilitators with concrete industry backgrounds.

Lego Serious Play Challenge - Viet Green Teambuilding

FocusU is one of the leading proponents of the LSP methodology in the Asia Pacific region – having perhaps the most number of Certified LSP Facilitators with concrete industry backgrounds.

The cook - Off Challenge / Viet Green Teambuilding

The Cook-Off Challenge tests the teams' ability to become "Chefs for A Day". To hold the title of a chef is no simple task. It goes beyond the ability to cook well. The fun and excitement of the program is…